From California to Florida, and most states in between, we have helped organizations apply for behavioral and mental healthcare licenses and certifications.  Our team of lawyers, doctors, and clinicians are experienced dealing with all types of state and municipal regulatory bodies and we will help you obtain your license as quickly as possible.  And, when it comes to accreditation, we are uniquely qualified to help you seek and achieve national accreditation with any of a number of accrediting organizations.

Whether your organization is brand new, or whether you’ve been in business for years, complying local, state, and national laws and regulations is paramount.  Unfortunately, many facilities are wonderful at providing help and services to their clients but struggle terribly at paperwork and compliance.  And, with more and more scrutiny in the industry, ongoing compliance is vital.  Let Tetra Solutions’ experienced staff and professionals act as your compliance director.  For a fraction of the cost of hiring a compliance director, let us do what we do best (compliance) while you do what you do best (offering exceptional treatment).

Measurement-based care and patient progress monitoring is no longer a luxury in the behavioral healthcare industry.  Insurance companies and regulatory bodies alike want proof that the treatment services you are providing are effective and have lasting impact. Accrediting bodies like The Joint Commission now require ongoing progress monitoring and outcomes tracking.  Tetra Solutions is the only consultant in the marketplace with its own, proprietary research-backed patient progress monitoring and outcomes tracking tool (  We can help you implement a robust platform for proving that treatment at your facility makes a difference.

Whether you accept private insurance or public assistance only, all payors are now interested in value-based services and want proof that treatment is effective.  Our measurement-based care standards comply with all insurance and accreditation body requirements.  And, we can show you how to seek insurance reimbursement for administering such assessments.  Contact us today to ensure that you are offering the best standard of care in the industry.

Behavioral and mental health organizations have a tendency to adopt operations and policies and procedures that have been widely accepted in the industry.  The problem is that many of the treatment facilities we work with have not really read their own policies and procedures and are not entirely certain what those policies demand.  During licensing and accrediting audits, failure to follow your own policies and procedures can be detrimental and even shut a facility down.  Let the experts at Tetra Solutions help you adopt operational protocols and policies and procedures that make sense for your organization, and once adopted, let us help you ensure that your team follow those procedures diligently.

Whether you need help with day-to-day human resources, or you’re simply looking for help in organizational development, staff training, employee safety, or payroll services, Tetra Solutions has a service for you.  One of the most substantial expenses any treatment center absorbs is staff training and employee turnover.  Let our experts show you how to improve employee morale and how to train and keep your valuable employees.  Taking steps to reduce employee turnover will not just improve the treatment and services you provide, it will boost your organization’s bottom line as well.